Hoeness: Either Liverpool nor United have bid for Thiago

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Throughout the summer, Thiago Alcantara has been rumored to move from Bayern to the Premier League, but according to Bayern legend Uli Hoeness, Bayern have still not received a bid for the Spaniard.

Thiago has been the subject of a lot of rumors this summer, with Liverpool and United in particular being interested in the Spanish creative midfielder. Bavaria is ready to sell, but for a price of around £45 Million, and it has not made some of the clubs bid yet. Now Bayern legend Uli Hoeness has commented on the situation to Sport1.

Both Liverpool and Man Utd have not come to us with a bid for Thiago. They bluff and wait until the last week of the transfer window and come up with a low bid. Bayern must decide whether they want to take part in that game, or whether they will stick to it.

Thiago has a year left on his contract, which is why there has been talk of a sale of Thiago, as they would rather not lose him for no money.

It will be exciting to see what happens to Thiago, who has now turned 29 years old. Thiago has stated that he would like a new challenge, and therefore wants a move away from Bayern.


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