The Tactical Changes Chelsea FC Might Need To Transform Them Into Title Contenders (A Football Analysis)

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Chelsea's loss to West ham United hasn't really come as a surprise because since they defeated Manchester City the team has been deteriorating in their performance and the defence has generally been culpable to many terrible school boys mistakes. I love the fact that Frank Lampard is a lover of young talent but then he's got to prove himself by either developing these players to be better or becomes instrumental to getting the players he's needs or else he'll risk getting sacked. Players like Tammy Abraham needs to go on loan because he's psychologically relaxed and faces no competition at all. I would have liked him to stay and learn from Timo Werner but then he's hardly into the habit of improving.

Another player I'll like to spot out is Toni Rudiger, he's quite an experienced players that lacks maturity to handle pressure. Against West ham United, he single handedly gave the opponent two goals by failing to keep Andriy Yarmalenko offside and caused the corner that resulted to the second goal by playing the ball out of touch when he should have cleared the ball to throwing. I agree that he's been faithful and loyal but then he's got to improve tactically and work on his ability to make quick decisions on where he wants the ball to always go.

Another player would be Kovacic. He was once hailed as one of the best Chelsea buys since he signed from Real Madrid but ever since then he's lost purpose, he's become slower and of course his lost the command he used to have when influencing the game like be used to do in the past. His dribbling has generally not been productive and he's lost his speed and that ability to generally drive through the midfield. Another Culprit will be Kepa Arrizabalaga, he's been totally shambolic with his positioning and his biggest bane has been making terrible set piece decisions. Marcos Alonso is another culprit but then he's better than Emerson Palmeri

The truth is, Chelsea needs a central defender and of course a left back who can also play right back that's two huge addition to the defence line, I believe players like Reece James should go on loan and Emerson Palmeri should be completely sold. Christensen is doing just fine and Zouma needs to be partnered with a more technical ball playing defender since he's not one himself. Fikayo Tomorimight need to go on loan himself or improve and stay in the team. Azpilicueta has been there and Irrespective of his mistakes there and then he's been good and instrumental for Chelsea and should keep leading the team.

Of course Chelsea will need a creative ball distribute midfielder that's got the eye for the right jaw breaking pass as Billy Gilmour can learn a lot from him. I believe Gilmour himself can be a great creative midfielder himself and all he needs is the time to adapt, develop and learn. Since Chelsea are welcoming two pacy forwards next season, it's essential they add three more players, sell about two and let two go on loan. Should Frank Lampard not at least make attempt on the league next season and qualify for the champions League this season I believe he'll lose trust in himself and of course he'll lose the support of the fans too.

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Listing out the players weakness and what they need improve on shows how much you understand Chelsea and it players. Unfortunately am not a football fan and can't even remember the names you kept calling aside Lampard , I gave up on football the day I noticed I could do anything to myself if my the club I supported loosed- that was a red sign to run. I just hope the coach being Lampard notice this lapses and take amend

Hahaha football is a beautiful game my friend, I think Irrespective of whether a club lost one should just enjoy the game. Well I'm a football analyst as well and that's why I know so much about football. Thanks for the comment, I'm following you

No doubt you watch football alot to be an analyst.Thank so much friend, I appreciate the follow.

Lol...I am already deducing the fact that you are a chelsea fan. When i hear chelsea fans complain like this, i know one thing for sure, it cannot be as bad as we have it at Arsenal....but then what do i know, it's only a man wearing the shoe that knows where he's feeling the pain😆. I feel Lampard has not been bad at all in his first season, i didnt expect much from him, he's not a seasoned caoch, but he has managed to pull out great wins and dug out much required 3points from under his belt against top opponents. I also feel the chelsea young guns haven't been bad either...they really stepped in when tasked to do so, they might not have always grinded the require result but they have not been awful either. They lacked the experience and it showed alot of times on the pitch but the desire and hunger to fight for the badge was there. I think with the transfer ban now over a blend of some experience buys with the energy of the youth already in the team will go along way. With the input of Ziyiech and Timo wenner i am already relieving how exciting the chelsea team will be....and hope pulisic brings out his best too next season.