Age is definitely a number

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I know when it comes to love, age is a number especially in advanced countries, they don't pay attention to age as we do over here in Africa.

Even though we Africans have different views on things as against how the rest of the advanced world see things, we still agree on certain things like the age of footballers really being something to focus on.

Footballers of this age are always being considered and referred to be attaining retirement age once they hit a certain age. Of late, once you hit 30 years, retirement questions and talks are always been sprung up especially during interviews.

But of late, some players are definitely defying age and are acting as a wine. Of course, we know fine wines get sweeter with age and some of these players include;

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Lionel Messi
  • Buffon
  • Sergio Ramos
    And recently,
  • Robert Lewandowski

The list goes on and on but this few really had an amazing season during this 2019/2020 season and they deserve recognition for an outstanding performance this season.

This piece is just to showcase that Age is just number and shouldn't be a determining factor to gauge if someone could attain a position or achieve a goal.

Lewy, for instance, was 33 years old and he had his best career both individually and team wisely. It's unbelievable yet it was achieved.

My advice goes thus; regardless of the age, your mindset is what sets you in motion to achieve your goal and being positive about attaining a goal is toe right to start .