Moving on could be a good thing

in OCD2 months ago

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Often time we find ourselves in a position where we have to to make a hard call on either deciding to walk away or stay put. For most, they think walking away is a bad thing and could be also termed as giving up but they are wrong.

Decisions of this nature are been made more than a million times per day and most people choose staying put instead of accessing what comes with the moving on scenario.

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So many of this staying put decisions have later ended up on regrets and most times loss of life.
An example could be the decision of a housewife who decided to stay put in an abusive marriage with a beast of a partner. Her excuse for staying could either be that I am staying because of the kids, or I love my partner or He promised to change. In one of her struggle one day with the abusive partner, she will end up dead.

The decision of either staying put or moving on is been made in almost all ramifications of life if not all. Either business-wise, relationship-wise, career-wise, investment-wise, religion-wise etc.

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Even In sport-related activities, decisions of this nature are been made. For football, It's either about a player deciding to stay put or move away from the club or even about a club deciding on whether to offer a player a new contract for them to stay put or sell the player so they could move on.

A recent example is about Cristiano Leaving Real Madrid because he felt like he was not been appreciated for all he achieved at the club and he left the club despite being comfortable and the move was possibly a decision he won't be forgetting anytime soon because everything became better for him.

So in a nutshell, moving on could be be a good thing and don't be scared to move based on how comfortable a possible is or what you have been gaining from being that. At times, being in a position of comfort limits how far you could grow.