The star in us

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Having self-doubts in your abilities won't get you far, in fact, it will lead you to never attaining the best version of yourself. Often time we play it safe, never taking risk due to the fear of failure and it affects us in every way.

Once we are talented at something we should go all out on it and even at first trial failed, we learn from the failures and make adjustments towards becoming better. You hardly see anyone getting it right at first trial unless they are lucky but even luck only works after you have put in efforts.

The talent in you makes you a star. Imagine Lionel Messi not taking the risk he took against deportivo to score his first career goal. He dribbled past over four players from midfield before rounding up the goalkeeper to score that astonishing goal and he will always point that moment to be the turning point of his career.

So today, get out there, take risks and at the end of the day, rewards comes to you


Taking risk is what will drives us to do more.Great reminder.

I am goad the piece is been deemed worthy

Taking risks and getting out from your comfort zone are probably TWO most important things that can make a BIG difference in your future and present life...

Thanks for sharing!

Woow.. Getting comments on my post, means a lot to me.. Thank you for the kind words

Thanks for sharing your very valuable advise. It is good to fail, that is how we learn to move forward.


I am glad the piece serves a purpose

Without challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to utilising the skill set we have we will just stagnate :)

Thanks for the post

Thanks for this comment..i appreciate it.

Yes! This is so true. I believe getting out of your comfort zone is so important in order for self growth. It can be scary for some so that fear unfortunately gets a hold of them. They choose not to take that step.

But, as a true believer in going for it, I try to push myself every day, even if it's a little thing. Magical things happen when we do. If I hadn't done this, I wouldn't be where I am now!

Thank you for sharing this. It's so important to have that reminder. :) 💖

Thank you for the warm words..i appreciate your kind gesture

You're so welcome! Have an amazing day! 💚

No such thing as a risk-free life. Carpe diem!

Awesome Motivation post @lebey1, it remind me of when I started working with essential oils and herbs. And I still have some bumps in the road when I make stuff up

Well said, failure is just a stepping stone to success if we learn and adjust.

All the best!
Have an amazing day :)

Great post

Thanks for this motivational post

Congrats in being featured by @russellstockley
You are right that if we know we are talented, we should dare to use our talent.
A talent not used is a talent wasted.

The fear of failure paralyzes our dreams and stifles our progress. Until we learn to embrace our failures, we are destined for mediocrity.

No risk means no rewards! I am taking calculated risks and I am far less afraid of failing. It is not the end of the world.

This is true, if you don't take risks, you'll never know what could have been

This is so true,if you don't take any risk in life you will never go anywhere. Great information.

Big Risk leads to big success....
Thanks for sharing the positive thoughts....

The way you think and your confidence can help you face challenging situations. And you can overcome any obstacle and succeed because you believe you can do it. Thank you @lebey1 for sharing this.