Paranormal experiences I encountered during childhood.



Good day, my friends. today I want to share something different with you. I will be sharing the paranormal experiences I had back when I was a kid. or even up till this moment. I just hope you enjoy it. no doubt every one of us has been through some kind of paranormal experience. now, what do paranormal means? paranormal in the English dictionary means:

"denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding"


Ok guys so I will share with you my own paranormal experiences that happened to me personally. back to when I was about 4years old I hate dark areas and so my elder ones used that to frustrate me🤣, most especially if I was sent on errand during the day by them, and I refused going the night time will be sad for me because they will scare me to death. especially if mom and dad travel for a church program or to the village. they will blow off the kerosene lamp and run to hide I will shout and cry in the dark and all they will do is to laugh at me. I always imagine beings with horns and tail coming close to get me when ever I am in the dark and its to fucking real. that alone will scare me to death.

I was admitted into the boarding school in my hometown. reason was for me to know how to speak my mother tongue clearly, because I was born and raised in another man's land which I leant how to speak just English. so I was admitted into the then prestigious Government Technical School in my hometown the school was a great school but you will never know of its secrets except you go in as a student. my first night in school was a living nightmare. they was a lady she died years ago from the hands of her husband she had one son. her son was taken by her husband to a boarding school she did not approve of while alive so she came as a ghost to take her son with her to the land of the dead.

So on my first night in the school she visited my school, every where was quiet everyone was on their bed I begin to hear sound from high heeled shoe "koi koi koi" it came directly to my bed I covered my blanket and was shaking with fear, it stood at my bed for a while before leaving. latter in the day I was told she came whenever a new student is enrolled in the school that I was lucky I didn't make an attempt of looking at her. I phoned and asked my dad to take me out. but he said I was in no coming out till graduation. I had to stay and face all the evil doings in the school.

It got to a point that once it is getting dark we the borders will begin to shiver because we know what we pass through at night. On most occasions, you will hear your name being called very loud repeatedly, and if you make any attempt of answering the call you are to blame. most times we have baby bush visiting us. this is a little child but very dangerous. whenever it wants to drink blood. it starts crying exactly as a baby will cry, and if you are so kindhearted you go to rescue it, sorry shall be your name because it's gonna deal with you badly.

On one cool Thursday morning at about 5:30 am the timekeeper of the school went out to ring the bell for students to do our morning devotion. as he was about to ring the bell he had a voice telling him to leave that place and not to disturb them, he being stubborn still went on to ring the bell, as he was about beating the big bell the second time he received two hot slaps from the person. the student went deaf for 2weeks. it was when our principal was transferred and the new principal arrived he stood up and fight those evil witches' in the school compound. he brought in men of God, before I graduated out things came back to normalcy in the school.

We believed the other principal had hands with the evil that was going on in the school. some of those incidences battered me, up till this moment I still get dreams of those memories and it scares me to death.
thanks for reading through my blog post you can drop your comment on the comment section. share your own paranormal experiences you had. thanks and stay safe.