Fitness: 25th March 2021 + A Did You Know Health Question

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Good Morning

Today morning was about me going to pick up my brother-in-law from the airport, so I had to wake up by 4 a.m. He had to go somewhere else, so I dropped him off and was back home. It was still 5:30 a.m., so I went ahead with my run.

My run was a combination of walk and run. So, I walked about a kilometer and ran two kilometers and then cooled down with another one-kilometer walk. It was satisfying. I love the mood elation which follows such runs, and that’s what I got today too. It was indeed fun!

But that’s not all.


Remember I was planning to start both – runs and weight exercises? So, I did it today. Once I was back, I had some time before work, so I got going with my weights.

I went with my heavy dumbells and did three sets of biceps and extension chords for the shoulder and back. Like before, I did the biceps and shoulder exercise in quick succession (almost without a break) and then took a small break before starting again.

Since I had done the weights too after a long time, my chest and shoulders were super sore. I couldn’t manage a single push-up today. I could have pushed but then no point in aggravating sore muscles. It should be fine by today and by tomorrow, I can start things once again. 😊

That’s it from me for today. I will see you all tomorrow.



Did You Know?

I had posted earlier that George Hood of the U.S. holds the record for the abdominal planks. That record stands at 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds.

Here is a video of the man in action and receiving the Guinness Record certificate.

Watch and have fun:

Feeling inspired? Try doing a three-minute plank to start with and then take it as much as you can go! 😊



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay

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