Covid makes a massacre of international football

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700 million EUR loss for Serie A clubs

Yep, just the Serie A clubs alone have by now gathered a loss together of 700 million EUR. And that is just the beginning, because let's be real, it won't be soon before we see packed stadia again. So, the losses will continue for the next 3 or 4 months. This will shift the powers in international football substanstially. The clubs that have a buffer will stay afloat, but the ones that already were in debt, will have to cut on their spending. In Italy, it is quite obvious, that Juventus will keep its head above the water, and probably also Internazionale. Their business models are both very solid. But clubs like Milan, Napoli and Lazio Roma, that were already in muddy waters, will have a very hard time to keep ut their status. And there are the clubs below the top tier. They receive even less TV money, so they are even more relying on the gate receipts. There will be victims there, but it's hard to tell who.

Juventus vs AC Milan, a top fixture, but will it be like that in the future?


This evolution is going on in every European country. Like Belgium for instance, a middle sized club like Zulte-Waregem lead a loss of 7.5 million EUR last season, on a budget of 15 million. That is huge. And it will definitely define the future of the club. Other comparable clubs will have the same problem, with very little TV money in Belgium, and no gate receipts.

The stadium of SV Zulte-Waregem, still empty these days

In Germany, even Bayern Munich is reporting a loss of around 60 million EUR last season. But for them, that won't be a long term problem. Again, the clubs below the top tier will have the biggest problems to stay alive. An interesting evolution that will shake the stir the status of lots of clubs around. Hopefully, no bankruptcies will follow, but I fear it will happen, inevitably.





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