What a hike!

in OCD2 months ago

14 kilometres, 750 altitude meters

Today started incredibly cold, minus 7 degrees Celsius this morning at dawn. But tough as we are, we still decided to go for a very demanding hike in and on the hills of the Ardennes. We started at the “The giant’s tomb”, a magnificent point of view on a canyon made by the river Semois. You’re supposed to see the face of a giant in this. I don’t see it though.

“The giants tomb”

Slippery slopes

The hike and the views were amazing but it was all pretty exhausting as we climbed up and down all the time. At the end of the day we have 750 altitude meters. Which is pretty awesome. My dog loved it. I sometimes sweared, I have to be honest. Especially at the climbs where the road was paved with ice, you had to be very careful.



But there is nothing more rewarding when you arrive at your destination after such a physical workout!


Now it’s time for a beer!




Great moves there. You and your dog are going great. You get some $DOGE for your 🐕