Why Is Headbutt Difficult To Defend and How To Defend Yourself?

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When someone headbutts you, he is usually close to you. It happens suddenly and you do not get enough time to respond or move back.

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So what is headbutt?

Headbutt is using the front part of your head to make an aggressive and forceful thrust to someone's face or other parts of the body.

I don't like headbutt. Some people like to do headbutt. Whether you like it or not, you need to know how to defend yourself against a headbutt.

Bad guys' mindset is different. If someone is driven by ego, he can do something crazy and attack you because of a silly thing. There is no need to react like that, but some people take simple things seriously and attack you without thinking for a second time.

As you know, it is better to put your heads up as a defense. If you are being attacked, your hands are already there to defend and strike.

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Most of the time, when someone headbutts you suddenly, you do not get the time to raise your hands to defend that. As a result, you get hit. You can fall on the ground due to headbutt. It can make some serious damage.

You can see little sign to detect the attacker's move. Attacker's arrogant behavior and attitude can give you a signal. The way the attacker looks, you can guess what is about to happen.

As a defense against a headbutt, you can move to the side. Or, you can raise your hands and put one hand against the attacker's neck when he is going to attack you.

You can do elbow strike, but this time, it is more like covering your face crossing your hand and your elbow is outside. Then the attacker cannot hurt you doing headbutt.

One more thing, as soon as you detect something might go wrong, do not let anyone get into your personal space.

So what is personal space?

Raise and keep your hands forward, that's your personal space. If the attacker cannot get into your personal space, he cannot do headbutt. And be ready to defend yourself.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I really appreciate your support and feedback!

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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