My first 100 HP milestone thanks to Hive & iliyan90

in OCD5 months ago

Hey, everyone.
My name is Sneji and I would like to share with you my first milestone on hive that is surpass 100 HP.
I'm very grateful to my friend @iliyan90 who showed me hive and how we can earn from the blockchain using it.
I'm looking forward to my next Milestone that is 1000 HP.

In this post, I'm gonna power up everything as always and share 10% of my rewards with @iliyan90 as gratitude for showing and teaching me how to use Hive.
I use it mostly for my @actifit reports to share my daily activity and a few photos of my day.



Think about you and that we have you here ;)
Keep on the good work!

Namaste 🙏

Така трябва...

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Congratulations! Very soon you will hit 200 HP, then 300 HP, etc. Just HIVE on!


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