Still-life composition..... Graphite Drawing!

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So, on my art today, I decided to fall back on using pencil (graphite) to make my still-life composition and it went quite well. The shading, contrast, and some other details fell much on the right part.


The tone flow and the light behavior on the objects on the right hand side really popped out and tells exactly where the light falls from or the major source of light. The objects in view are :- a bowl, a mug, a jug, and some fruits.

Here are some pictures of the drawing procedures below....






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Hi tezzmax,
This is nice artwork. I also do sketches and sketchnotes, so I can honor your work.
But please don't use the #chary tag for your posts. It is reserved for charity posts only.

Thank you, Achim Mertens

Okay. Thank you, but can have my account unmuted please?

I did'nt mute you.