The Underdog's Jubilation..... Man and Pitch Part 8!

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My drawings these days are getting more lively and interesting due to the manner of depths I'm featuring, let's see how it went today below.


The above drawing which I made today looks like an illustration but yet more than an illustration. It's a continuation of a drawing series I started some week ago titled "Man and Pitch".

The drawing is actually a product of of Scribbling, I just decided to create more drama in th drawing by adding more depth in the background, you can also check my previous drawing on the series "Man and Pitch" to confirm what I am talking about.

I see scribbling at a very flexible technique in drawing so using always give me more confident, using it today, I was just driving my strokes and paying attention to my light and shade behaviour and I achieved what you see above.

Materials Used.....

  1. White A4 paper
  2. 10B graphite pencil
  3. Tissue paper (For blending my shades)

I didn't use eraser on this one at all.

Processes and Progressions!!!





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