Everton fc and Leeds United - Two great side to watch out for

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For some time now I have been observing some of the team in the English premier league. The game play and their tactics has really stolen my heart. The English league is that league were you got surprised by different team which ordinarily you would have looked down on. If you have that mindset towards this league, you will surely receive the beating of your life and get disappointed along the process. When it comes to the English premier league you should be prepared for the worst. What you are going to encounter, if you are not strong enough, it might lead you back to the relegation zone.

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Out of all the team participating in the English premier league for the 2020/2021 season, I have chosen Leeds United and Evertn fc as my favourites this season. I have so many reason while they are being chosen but I must say, I am really impressed by their moves so far. Did you take a look at Everton fc? Incase you don't know, they are the one currently seating on top of the English premier League table and this was achieved through their hard work and determination. Many people will said the league is too early for that. For sure it is too early to talk about league or title contenders. That doesn't mean we won't appluad a team doing well. Everton fc wins their two (2) matches and that has places them above every other team right now.

The father and son relationship at Everton is really doing magic. James Rodriguez after being signed to Everton by Carlo Ancelotti, he has helped to shapen the team and they are doing awesomely well, I just pray they keep maintain this good legacy.



Moving to Leeds United, they won the English championship cup and got promoted to the English Premier league. Ever since they came to English premier league, they started doing wonders and this has really been amazing. They lost narrowly to the Reds (Liverpool fc) in a 4-3 encounter and with that good form the team demolished their anger on Fulham fc. It ended 4-3 as they got their first 3 point in the 2020/2021 English premier league season. This is a team we all should be looking at, they are really doing well and I am tipping them to surprise us this season.

As their team commences, I will be updating us on how the team I mentioned above continue fairing, stay tune.

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Look at the last photograph and see what it says at the bottom.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images. Pictured: Leeds United players Helder Costa, left, Jack HarriCreson and Patrick Bamford,

This too obvious and you must look.

Thanks, I just saw that. Thanks for spoting it. I will work more on it next time. Am gradually understanding it.

This is how they make their money and are buying up most of there competition companies so it will become harder. I use stills from sky sports and that is the safest. Getty have become more active these days in the Premiership and Manchester United is a target for them. Follow live broadcast on twitter and you should be good.

You mean you prefer sky sport?

No. It is those are not Getty as they are direct from television stills made into photographs. I will try and send you some examples later.

Here is one using the #SOUTOT tag on twitter during the live game on now.

Here is another one from BBC match of the day. Not photographs taken by press on the side but captured from the television shots and loaded onto the social media. Thi sis the safest way so if you want Manchester United then you have to look for the hash tags from the last game.

If you use the photos on the Sky Sports website they seem to be all Getty images during the live commentary feed.

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