The state of uncertainty at Barcelona fc

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Just recently we have seen a lot of things when it comes to the world of sport and the big one that hold us up is the Lionel Messi news of departing Barcelona Fc. The reason why it is becoming a big deal is because nobody is expecting such news so it took us all by surprise.



While growing up, somebody told me that Lionel Messi was helped by Barcelona fc so he had to make sure he repayed them back by ending his career there. He is trying to keep to his words, at least be pathrotic. This is the main reason why I love him so much. I am still wondering how did Barcelona fc believes on him so such and to have it all, things ends up working out. He did more than expected to the team and it took them to apex height up to this stage. This deserves some notable art from the team.

One other thing that I love about him is that when people were persuading him to make a move out of his team, he refuses because of the commitment he has for his team. The only thing that makes me rate Cristiano Ronaldo than him is because Ronaldo makes a move while Lionel Messi didnt, but now I know why.

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Deviating from that, I saw this coming, there was a time I was hinting that I know for sure that Barcelona fc will fall if they dont amend their ways now. I still made it clear that they can only amend their ways by making sure that they employ the service of young team players into the team. We all should know that a time will come when this old players wont be able to sustain Barcelona fc, they just need to go and that time might be now. Letting Lionel Messi to go is not bad but doing it this ways is bad. How could the fans make such move they have forgotten how Lionel Messi helped them to this stage, they should do it in a more appealing and better way.

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