What is your best formation?

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When it comes to soccer, formation is what really spice it up. Back in the days there was nothing like formation, we all know how everybody were running to one side when the ball is being passed around. Just imagine how fun it will be. Any time I think about that moment, I just can't laughing. They will just look foolish while running around the pitch. As we have it, football grow gradually from that stage to the formation stage. Even though the formation stage started, it took years before it became a reality. Now that formation came on board, it was lacking that flexibility. Now if you take look at the present game play, you will see all team adapting to their own playing style. This makes soccer very interesting.

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The playing style is what add styling to the game play. If you take a look at different team, you will have heard about Tiki-Taka, countering game play, pressing game play, defensive game play, attacking game play etc. Out of all the game play, the one game play that I really love so much is the pressing game play. It was Jurgen Klopp that make me to love the pressing styling play.

With the game play now in place, the formation is now looking meaningful. Jurgen Klopp went with the false 4-3-3 formation. With the false formation, we have the two left and right midfielders moving out to support the attackers when their is time for counter attacking. This makes the attackers increased to a numbers to 5 attackers. This will now make things difficult for the defending team.h


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You can see while I so much love the false 4-4-3 formation. The stylish game play makes it unique. I am just enjoying it and waiting for Liverpool to have more attacking players that can do more justice for the team.

Now with all this being said, let me know your best formation so far. Please drop it as comment. If you love this post, feel free to drop upvote and resteem it too.

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