Award Of Excellence

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Greetings Hivers.
It's been a very long while I talked about sport or even exercise.

Few weeks ago my kid bro came back home from where he was schooling.
He brought back some of this medals that he was awarded in his school for taking part in the sports and athletics.


My brother said he won more medals but some were taken away from him.
The school said he won too many medals as such that he should spare some for others to be awarded as well.
I wouldn't say that was fair but he gave in to their demands


He was given 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze Medals.
I captured the images and decided to share here
These were his awards of excellence

What would be the prices of these if we were to sell them or make exchange?😅😅


Do you guys think it's fair that he was cheated or robbed of his prize or award?
I would say he was, he worked for it and he earned it. So because others didn't have a chance of getting the medals 🏅 as well shouldn't have be dependent on the fact that he got more as such that he was asked to foregone some.
But anyways still good that he went back home with few.


Sport is good as well as exercises.
Do well to engage in any type of sport and also remember to exercise.
Exercise is good for the body, makes you physically fit and boost your immune system.