Do We Really Need Technology? Project Hope Competition #3

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Technology made large populations possible; now large populations make technology indispensable." José Krutch.


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Do We Really Need Technology?

I think it's an obvious answer, of course YES!!! Kids of this generation don't know what to do without technologies. You ask them what's 5 multiplied by 3, they will either bring out their phones or calculator to calculate it. They like a stress free life, technology is their life. Look the image above, a kid already making a robotic friend. We can't do anything without technology and that's why we rely on technology for everything, like cars for walking, elevators for climbing stairs, phones for communication and networking, every single thing now has a technology to make easier and better. High advanced factories requires very few humans, they rely on machines to do their tasks, and they are right to do so, because machines are faster, better and more efficient. So in this current era we really do need technology, without technology we are as well as finished.


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Life Without Technology

I could still remember when Instagram had issues, that was 2019, if I'm not mistaken, there was panic to some people, because Instagram was their joy and happiness. Now, that was just Instagram and there was panic in the social media world, just even if they was no electricity, that would be something different. Can you live through a complete day without technology? For me, from the day I could start remembering, I don't think I have ever gone through a day without technology. I might try that challenge some time in the future. I don't many of us could survive without technology, it would be completely strange. I can't even imagine it happening. The economy of every country will collapse because it is technology that is used to run everything within a country. It is an unthinkable event.


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Future Of Humans In Relation To Advancement In Technology

I think the future of humans to relation to advancement in technology won't be that favorable. Already do you know how many millions of people that are unemployed because of the advancement of technology. The more we advance in technology, the more unemployment we might get. Imagine, if robots starts driving taxi cars, bye to income of taxi drivers, and funny enough we are soon getting to that stage. I love technology but the rate of growth in the technological sector is way too much. 30 years ago, there were no cell phones, now we have smartphones that are as good as laptops, we have robots that could do anything for us, we have AI technologies that feel emotions. It is not healthy, also I was hearing of advancement in war instruments, such as, better guns, bombs, rifles and now we are hearing of biological nukes that could wipe out the entire human race within a day. Yes, it is good to advance in technology but not at this rate, it is just too fast.


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Although technology is good but it is bad when it comes to taking the place of humans and it is actually going to deprive many people of their job that is why it is advisable that as the world changes into a technology era, humans should think of something to do to keep them.

Life without technology would have been boring.

Very true, we are in the technological era and there's no changing it. We are going to be advancing more in the technological world. So we should embrace it and look for the opportunities in the advancement of the technology. Many people have become millions through cryptocurrency and through Youtube and this was made possible through technological advancement. So we have to cease our opportunities as they come.

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I think technology is already displacing human jobs but in my opinion, it is still create job. Like the robot taxi will displace human taxi but will create jobs for robot engineers.
Nice piece

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