Are you Guarded against Cryptojacking?

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Cryptocurrencies are getting mainstream with every passing day this also means that hackers are working on over drive in an attempt to make use of every possible way to exploit others to earn crypto for them.

Cryptojacking is one more tool in their armor.

What is Cryptojacking?

It is the unauthorized use of someone's computing device (computer) to mine crypto for them.
To perform cryptojacking a hacker would device a method to entice the victim to click on a malicious link.
This could be embedded in an email or be present on a website that a users clicks upon.
This code could very well be embedded in an advert that may be too good to be missed.

The deadly click

Once clicked on a malicious link a piece of code which is usually a java script triggers an auto execute program and once loaded into the memory it begins to use the computer of the victim to start mining crypto currency for the hacker.

Going forward the threat of cryptojacking is getting bigger and methods more ingenious.

Understanding the main routes to getting infected

Phishing emails is one very popular route that cryptojackers use to entice users to click and run some malicious software code.
The best prevention is to check and verify the email of the sender.
The second route of infection is by way of ads or codes running on perfectly legit or legit looking websites.
So how does one get protected from such threats as it is very difficult to maintain a list of sites which may spring up with such a malicious code.
Here our old and trusted ad blocker comes to our rescue.
An ad blocker usually runs as a browser extension and blocks ads and malicious scripts.

what could one do to protect ourselves

No Coin is designed to detect and block cryptomining scripts.

The Intel Microsoft collaboration

Intel and Microsoft have reached an arrangement by which starting 26th April 2021
The program Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is extending its coverage of the Intel processors.
The combined efforts of Microsoft Defender and Intel's threat detection technology is implementing a process where in the defense against such threats is not limited to only scanning the memory but also protects threats that exploit the CPU based mining.
This aims at protecting windows 10 users with Intel processors without compromising on the performance or user experience.

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