Music4Life: announcement hinting at something SOON!!!

Hello Community

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haha, I wonder what is coming soon, from the image, it seems to be something to do with VFTLABS

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If you dont know what VFTLABS is, here is a summary:


There are some exciting things coming for M4L, and they are the fantastic NFTs.

In essence:

Lets say theres a regular VIBES user who doesnt want to sell his coins, though he dont want to stake them in the spectacular M4L tribe.

This user will have the chance to go to the VFTLAB webpage, and the first thing he will be asked is to optionally add his WAX address.

After that, the user will see many options to STAKE coins (final list haven't been published yet and will have changes constantly). This stake will make this user eligible to receive a new token called "VFT" with a fixed daily supply (globally)

The user after X time will have the option to HARVEST/CLAIM his VFT. This token can be used to buy very rare and limited NFTs that will be available in the frontend of the lab or be sold in the HIVE ENGINE market


I have gathered almost 500 VIBES ready for this:

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I may have neglected my VIBES power for a bit, but I will start powering up again once I have 500 liquid vibes ready for the VFTLABS

How many VIBES are you preparing?

Have a great day!

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I have a few VIBES but I have mainly trying to trade it in for Starbits. My orders aren't filling as often since the price of Starbits is going up. Starbit millionaire is my goal and I will try to participate in it after I get my goal.

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I am following your example although my numbers are much smaller of course.

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Look, it's already a whale from Vibes heheheh

Looking forward to seeing what happens with this! You might as well stake that 500 though and get it to work as they will make an announcement 10 days before going live and powerdown time is 1 week so you can get the liquid VIBES you need should you wish to get involved.

That's what I've been informed anyway! Nicely done on getting over 3k VIBES though!

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