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Another fantastic update on the M4L, check out the post:


There are some exciting things coming for M4L, and they are the fantastic NFTs. So do check out the post link about to get more information.

In essence:

Lets say theres a regular VIBES user who doesnt want to sell his coins, though he dont want to stake them in the spectacular M4L tribe.

This user will have the chance to go to the VFTLAB webpage, and the first thing he will be asked is to optionally add his WAX address.

After that, the user will see many options to STAKE coins (final list haven't been published yet and will have changes constantly). This stake will make this user eligible to receive a new token called "VFT" with a fixed daily supply (globally)

The user after X time will have the option to HARVEST/CLAIM his VFT. This token can be used to buy very rare and limited NFTs that will be available in the frontend of the lab or be sold in the HIVE ENGINE market


I have accumulating as many VIBES as I can int he short term, and will be staking immediately once it is life. I also already have a wax wallet, so it will be easy for me to link it to the VFTLAB. I am looking forward to earn some VFT and then to HARVEST and claim some NFTS.

What would be even more awesome if it these NFTs have other utilities besides looking pretty.

Have a great day!

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Very cool, I will also try to enter the VFTLAB universe. Despite the few VIBES I have today.

All this sounds great. Hope I can get in too when it's alive.

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Yes I think its great to have different use cases for VIBES token. I asked a question on their post about the supposed power-down time for the the lab. It is just incase we want to move our tokens to be staked or used for packs in Rising Star at a later point in time.

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