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If you are on discord you would have seen this on the latest announcement.... I wonder what it is about... seems quite exciting.
I am quite excited about VFTLAB that will be coming soon.


if you are not aware of what VFTLAB is, there is a post about it, but below is the information from the post.

Musicforlife users with vibes, hive, leo and starbits will be able to stake their coins in this new lab. It works very similar to that of a DEFI as a cubfinance, with distribution of inflation to the different pools.

Well there will be a deposit fee (0 if you use VIBES), which will be used 100% to buy and burn vibes (we are still reviewing it, or it may be 80/20 burned and innovation). When you stake your coins you will receive a new coin called VFT that will have a daily supply of 1000 (although possibly at the beginning we will run a campaign with higher inflation).

With this new token you will be able to FARM NFT that will be send to you in your WAX wallet, which you will be able to link in a profile setting. These NFTs will be limited editions, and as soon as we know the most optimal way to create wax music NFTs, you can also farm them, we already have the musicforlife holding company (called crypto academia libertad) that will allow us to have level 2 verification in the WAX blockchain.

About the VFT lab, the project already has the numbers done, the first NFTs for the first collection, we are illustrating the design of the page and it will not be long to see some samples!


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I have prepared more than 200 Liquid VIBES in order to participate in it whenever it is launched.
I plan to accumulate close to 500 liquid VIBES which I will be use to stake in the pool to earn VFT when the time comes.

In terms of VIBES power, my goal is still to hit 10k VIBES power, but that will have to be paused for the short term.

Have a great day!

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It will be interesting to see how things play out on the NFT side. According to what I asked yesterday on the post, each NFT will have a set price and probably print limit.

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This is great, I love NFTs!

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This is very interesting. I need to find the original post and lean some more about this.