Rising Star Game - What the Hyperdrive is Starpro???

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You may have seen Starpro in the Rising Star game recently... What is that ... and how is it different from Starbits...

My thoughts

I dont know... eXolol...

check out this post:


As mentioned on Radio Evolved yesterday there is a new Rising Star token on Hive Engine called STARPRO.

This token will be used for a brand new extension to the game which is launching very soon!

More details will be released in due course but this is our biggest update since launching the game and will bring a whole new angle to Rising Star. The current game play will not change so you can continue to enjoy playing exactly as you do now but if you like something a bit more interactive that will also be a great STARBITS sink then this could be right up your alley!

Stay tunes for more and if you want the scoop before anyone else be sure to join us on Sundays for Radio Evolved as that's where I will be spilling the beans first!


So I suppose we just have to Stay tuned for the update. We can start spamming in the Discord - "wen starpro" ... " what the hyperdrive is starpro"...


Or we just have to attend the Radio Evolved sessions on Sunday so we can collect the Beans....

Otherwise I am just continuing with the game... accumulating Starbits and getting more cards...

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My stats havent really moved much since last week lol... have been giving away starbits on a daily basis. However, my card count has finally exceeded 8000 which is quite cool.

Still aiming to get to level 2000 by June 2021, but lets see how it goes...

Special missions:

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I did get the Jive Bunny in one of my random card packs... but have not been able to get the special card yet lol...maybe I will just purchase it from the market.

However, this "starpro" thing is really distracting me lol, but hopefully we will see how we can get it.


Do you also want to test out the RisingStar game?

The game is in beta now.

Always do your own research before you put money in a game

If you interested in testing out the game:
Here is the referral link.


I get 1 Starbit for every mission that you complete. But you don't have to use my referral link if you don't want to. No Stress :)

Hope you enjoyed the post.
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I know right. I have been itching to know.i saw the deposit starbits on the withdraw accounts page first and then bam! This guy just popped up on the navigation! They really want to tease us!!

Also, congrats on finding the bunny. The hunt is always a schlep during special mission s though!

I am hoping they give us some updates on the weekly radio evolved for the starpro.

Congratulations on the Jive Bunny.

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