Party on Saturday!!

Heya guys. New year new days, all year round fun is ahead. Oh, would you look at that! It's a Saturday! This means that the holiday fun is on the roll. So, let's play Rising Star. Hit my referral key down below and let’s go:

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How about being a rising star?
S5 Mozart: You have it on buying 12 packs for 100,000 starbits!
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Busking with a License & Midweek Headline Slot!
Saturday Support!
Saturday Headlines!
Radio Interview!
Cold Pizza Slice & Red Lambo!
Radio Studio Session: Local Gig Circuit
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Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!!!
New Year! New Start!!!

Let's start with the card packs.

3 Card combo pack 1

Hurray! Another Card Pack! I love opening these.


Ooh, interesting. I got Speed Boat, The Ego, and Dorris! Two people cards and one vehicle card. Nice! Together they give me 435 fans, 4 luck, 5 skill, and 3 IM.

3 Card combo pack 2


Yippee! Another Card Pack. Amazing! Let’s open it. I’m so excited!!! Wow, all instrument cards! I got The Red One, Cheap Decks, and Cheap Keyboard. Two pianos. Interesting. Together they give me 60 luck. Nice!

3 Card combo pack 3


Yay! What time is it? Card Pack time! Time to open it. Yes! I got an MPC-500-WS, Banjo, and Glam Rocker. Ooh…two instruments. Again…Weird. Together they give me 65 luck and 1 skill. Awesome!

3 cards combo pack is the best way to make your collection grow bigger. Although buying a few exclusive Legendary Cards seems more lucrative, but it's not affordable all the time.

So, let's move on to the next part, shall we?

People: The Ego

Oh, look who it is! What a rude guy, no manners!


Oh my gosh. Look who’s sitting at the corner of the room with a guitar. It’s my friend The Ego. Also known as a common card. This old guy is a master when it comes to guitars. He isn’t that popular but…I mean, nobody’s perfect. It’ll take some time for The Ego to get that popular. Don’t think just because he is a common card…he is useless. Oh no, he isn’t. He is pretty skilled…Oh he has 0 skills. It’s okay he just needs some lessons. Don’t judge him. Well, he has 25 fans, 0 skill, 0 luck, and 0 IM. Sadly…but it’ll take some time.

So, guys, this is enough party for today. We'll party at another time. Keep playing Rising Star!!


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