Rising Star - Starbit price is moving up...Purchased S6 Wizzy...Christmas mission... Powerup Challenge

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Hello all friends,

Sharing my game status....


Today completed the 05 Local Mini Tour Support.

Recently purchased the S6 Wizzy so that I can participate in Special Christmas Mission.

S6 Wizzy


The card is mandatory to complete the mission.

Card belongs to the special edition, which make it more special 😀

Card has nice 110 Fan and 100 Skill perfect.


The price of starbit is showing a good sign 😀
The price jump 16% and now trading at 0.00042


Check the trading history...


The volume is not much but still the price is in green color...

I am making my position in game and try to complete the as much as missions I can. But after I start doing the special Christmas mission I am not able to concentrate on regular missions.

The more mission means more starbits and which means more crypto....

Today I come across a post and come to know about the Musicforlife Community.

The community is connected with risingstargame also. So will post in this community also.

#Sportstalk Powerup Challenge
Today Powerup with more then 3322 tokens. So in total more then 1.8 Token Staked till now.
Here is the proof of stacking.


Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral link ans start earn Starbits token.

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