🀘 365 Free Cards in 365 Days 🀘 - Day 24 - Rising Star Card 🎁 Giveaway 🎁

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Hello again fellow Rising Star Mega Stars.



Today is Day 24 of my 365 Card Giveway!

As a way to give back to the #risingstar and #musicforlife community, I have taken on the goal of giving away 365 free Rising Star cards.

One card a day.

For 365 days! (or so)

That will amount to something like 300,000+ STARBITS!

I must be CRAZY!



How To Enter

It is super easy to enter.

I will list three cards per day that are available to the winner.

All you need to do is add a comment with the card you would like if you win, and the Rising Star account name to send the card to if it isn't the account you commented with.

That's it!


The Fine Print

You need to enter by 6:00 am Eastern Time the day after this post is made.

You don't need to upvote or re-hive this post although it would be very much appreciated.


Please, just one entry per person. No multiple account entries or bots.

This #giveaway is open to new and existing Rising Star players.

Each day I will list four cards. Three cards will be pretty consistent (Dorris, Buster, and Moon Child), but the forth card will rotate when it is won.

I will pick the winner using the Picker Wheel.


Yesterday's Winner

We tied my record high of 14 players yesterday with two new first timers. Welcome and thanks to all for playing!


And going to the Spinner Wheel ...

spinner pizza

gives us our winner @cryptosimplify! Another win for a first time player. He chose Moon Child which I'm sending now.



Congratuations to @cryptosimplify!

Better luck to the rest of you! Be sure to keep entering everyday... your time will come.


Today's Free Rising Star Card Choices

So yesterday's pick was Moon Child, a regular here, so we will keep the same 4 cards from Yesterday as a prize for today's winner.


Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Dorris is the perfect starter card.

She has 10 fans which can take you a very long way in Rising Star, and she adds 5 skill points.

I also just think she looks nice in my collection.



Free Rising Star Card

Buster is Dorris's counter.

No fans but 10 skill.

He is not a good starter card as he has no fans. But for someone one wanting to add some skill points or just add a new unique cards to their collection, Buster would be a great addition.


Moon Child
Free NFT

Moon Child gives you a little bit of fans, skill, and even a touch of luck. And who doesn't love Peace, Love, and Drugs?


Free NFT

Goth is a nice looking card, but that is about it. But if you are looking for unique cards to improve your rank she might be worth the pick.


Everyone Is A Winner!

Not everyone can win a card, but everyone will win some #VIBES and #LEO. I will be giving out up votes to all entries with my main account, @captaincryptic.

And the first to enter will get a sip of #BEER!


Follow Me For More Giveaways

Today is just day 24 on my mission to give away 365 cards. Enter today, enter tomorrow, and don't forget to enter next week!



🀘 About Rising Star 🀘

Rising Star NFT Band Management Game

Rising Star is a Hive-Based card collecting and band management simulation game. Players can earn cryptocurrency called #starbits by playing which they can spend on more cards or trade for Hive.

🀘 About MusicForLife 🀘

MusicForLife is Hive community for music and Rising Star lovers

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Dorris is still my pick.

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Nice one! I will take my chances with moonchild today!

congrats @cryptosimplify

Card - dorris

Please add me in the next draw, thanks

First comment wins !BEER

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Congrats winners.
I am still waiting for Moon Child

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Congrats to the winner! Please enter me for Goth.

Thanks a lot for the card.


Command accepted!

Congratulations to @cryptosimplify for the card win today.
Shine like a Moon with your Moon Child card.
Please count me in for next giveaway.
All the best to all

Congrats @cryptosimplify!!


Count me in!

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!LUV 1

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Command accepted!

Command accepted!

Hi @zonadigital21, you were just shared some LUV. :) Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV tokens in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Sorry, you're out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day.)

Congrats to the winners - back in for Dorris

Felicidades a todos los ganadores , quiero participar de nuevo puedo ?


i am in

Goth for @handtalk5 plz

Congrats Winner

I will still win GOTH :)

The Moon Child, please

Sorry, you're out of LUV tokens to be sent today. Try tomorrow. (Having at least 5 LUV in your wallet allows you to freely give 3 per day.)

moon child or legendary card

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