🀘 365 Giveaways in 365 Days 🀘 - Day 50 - Rising Star Giveaway 🎁

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Hello again fellow Rising Star Mega Stars.



Where Did All The Cards Go?

Well folks, I'm going to have to make a change (hopefully temporarily). For some reason, nearly all the cards have disappeared from the Market and the ones that are left are now very expensive.

So unfortunately, I'm going to have to change my giveaway to a #starbits give away until the card inventory goes back to normal (and then I'm going to grab a bunch of them!). So for now, I'm going to start giving away 1000 #starbits to the winner.

Hopefully things will go back to normal soon and I can go back to the cards.

Today is Day 50 of my Giveway!

As a way to give back to the #risingstar and #musicforlife community, I have taken on the goal of giving away 365 free Rising Star cards 1000 #starbits per day.

One card a day.

For 365 days! (or so)

That will amount to something like 300,000+ STARBITS!

I must be CRAZY!



How To Enter

It is super easy to enter.

I will list four cards per day that are available to the winner.

All you need to do is add a comment with the card you would like if you win, and the Rising Star account name to send the card to if it isn't the account you commented with.

That's it!


The Fine Print

You need to enter by 6:00 am Eastern Time the day after this post is made.

You don't need to upvote or re-hive this post although it would be very much appreciated.


Please, just one entry per person. No multiple account entries or bots.

This #giveaway is open to new and existing Rising Star players.

Each day I will list four cards. Three cards will be pretty consistent (Dorris, Buster, and Moon Child), but the forth card will rotate when it is won.

I will pick the winner using the Picker Wheel.


Yesterday's Winner

We had 15 players yesterday. Welcome and thanks to all for playing!


And going to the Picker Wheel ...


gives us our winner @guurry123 who chose Moon Child which I'm sending now.



Congratuations to @guurry123!

Better luck to the rest of you! Be sure to keep entering everyday... your time will come.


Today's Free Rising Star Card Choices

1000 #starbits are up for grabs today. Hopefully I can get back to the cards soon!


Everyone Is A Winner!

Not everyone can win a card, but everyone will win some #VIBES, #POB, and #LEO. I will be giving out up votes to all entries with my main account, @captaincryptic.

And the first to enter will get a sip of #BEER!

New users will be shown some #LUV!

Now With Pizza!

I now have enough #PIZZA to give pizza away to my players too. I'm not sure how I will select who gets my daily slice of pizza... maybe just whim ... maybe engagement.



Follow Me For More Giveaways

Today is day 50 of my giveaway. Enter today, enter tomorrow, and don't forget to enter next week!



🀘 About Rising Star 🀘

Rising Star NFT Band Management Game

Rising Star is a Hive-Based card collecting and band management simulation game. Players can earn cryptocurrency called #starbits by playing which they can spend on more cards or trade for Hive.

🀘 About MusicForLife 🀘

MusicForLife is Hive community for music and Rising Star lovers

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Man. That's sucks. But I see lots of new common cards have been added this month. Will help shake things up a bit. Count me in though. Happy to support either way.

Yeah, a bunch got released soon after I posted this. lol. Of course.

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Lol Murphy would not have it any other way!

Thank you for the opportunity!

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Congrats winners.
I join the draw.

Posted via MusicForLife.io

It does not matter that you cannot give a card, the important thing is to keep the challenge standing, and you keep doing it.

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Congratssss WINNNNNNNER!

Iam HERE! :)

Where do you list the cards?

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Normally I have them in the post, but because I'm having to temporarily switch to giving starbits I took them out of the post. Hopefully there will be a release of cards to the market soon and I can get back to giving cards away. Until then the prize is 1000 starbits.

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Congratulations to @guurry123 for winning the Moon Child card.
Best of luck to all the participants for tomorrow's giveaway.
Please add me to the list for giveaway for tomorrow.

hey, please add me also to the next draw :)

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Congratulations winners. please add me also to the next draw

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Congratulations to the winner. I’m in for the next one.

Congratulations to the winner, let's see if I'm lucky in this one and I win, hahaha luck to all guys

jaja si no hay cartas es que el jueguito gusta, me uno al sorteo soy super nuevo y gracias por la buena onda que sea rock / haha if there are no cards is that the little game likes, I join the raffle I am super new and thanks for the good vibes that is rock

Congrats winners!!

@tlundy47, sorry!

You can call the PIZZA bot a maximum of 10 times per day.

Thanks for supporting new players!!!

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I'll join the draw. Thanks for doing this.

In again

Congratulations winners. please add me also to the next draw

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I bring you yummy !PIZZA and some awesome $VIBES to amplify your final payout ~ Enjoy 😎

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@playbyhive! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @andy-vibes.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

Thank you so much! I love pizza and VIBES!