Rising Star Day 15 // Journey to country tour // Rising Star back online //

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Good afternoon everyone !!

Uploading image #2...

Problem solve , thumb up to rising star admin working hard to bring the website back online. The things is in every stage we perform never forget and respect everyone

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backstage pass I don't know what it's for but I already bought one 🤣🤣 !LUV and vibes.

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thanks for the !LUV . i try to stack some of it near future. yeah , same with me . i still dont know what it for hehe

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Sorry, with more LUV in your wallet, you can give LUV from the bot daily, for free. Get more LUV at https://tribaldex.com/trade/LUV

690k!!!!!! don't you sleep! xD

head banging everyday !! parttayyyy !!! ahaha

You make some great damage on that millionaire savings! well done!

right on time .. when the price was down . just lucky me.

@tommyl33, you were given LUV from @keniel16. About: https://peakd.com/@luvshares