Tuesday Motivation - Fight through it

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You ll fail
You will likely fail often
It will be paintful
It will be discouraging
At times, it will test you to your very core.
It will not be easy

It's alright to fail , as long as you fail forward
It's alright , buy i need you to have heart
Because there's some things you cant get
Without perseverance

When things are goin bad
There's going to be some good that will come from it
Mission got cancelled?
Good , we can focus on another one
Didnt get promoted ?
Good , more time to get better
Didnt get funded?
Good , we own more of the company
Didn't get the job you wanted?
Good , go out , gain more experience , build a better resume
Got injured?
Good , needed a break from training
Got beated?
Good , we learned
Unexpected problem?
Good, we have an oppurtunity to figure out a solution
That's it
When thing are going bad,
Don't get all bummed out ,
Don't get startled, don't get frustrated
Take that issue,
Take that seatback,
Take that problem and turn into something good.
Go forward
If you can say the word
Good , it means you're still alive
It means you're still breathing
It means you've got some fight left in you.
So get up ,
Dust off,
reload , recalibrate ,re-engage and go out on the attack

I challenge you
To see your problems
As a great thing
I challenge you
To start being thankful
That you have the opportunity
To grow , get stronger , get more focused ,
Get more skilled and kick more ass
Because of every hardship you face.

It's hard m then handle it.
You got to fortify yourself
And say come on with it
I've got to step into it

Just find an excuse to win
Keep going

If you're going to be successful in this game ,
You gotta have a dog within you
You gotta know it's a dog fight
Andyou gottra go get that fight
Life ain't gonna be easy
Ain't nobody gonna hand you nothing
You still gotta go to work
You still gottra compete againts everybody in your industry
Life's still gonna happen
While you're trying to blow up

I want to know
What the fck i'm made of
I want to know
What i can overcome
And i know from experience
That the harder the task to overcome
The more strength I'm going to gain from it
These are the days that test your fortitude
They test your endurance
Your grit
Your dedication
Your determination
Your mental toughness
Your character
You are testing your ability
To do something
And that something
is something critical to your dreams
At the very moment
When everything in you
wants to do absolutely nothing
When you'd rather die
Than send another email
Or take another phone call
Or talk to another human
You gotta get the job done
It's an oppurtunity to prove
What you're made of
Its an oppurtunity to prove
You are what you say you are
In your head
When you look in the mirror
And you say , there goes bad motherfcker
You actually believe it

What you become in the process
Is more important than the dream
The kind of person you become
The character that you build
The courage that you develop
The faith that you're manisfesting
Oh, its something that
You get up in the morning , you look yourself in the mirror
You're a different kind of person
You walk with a different kind of spirit
You knew it was hard
But you did it hard

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Motivation for me was low today, glad you used the dunk tag for this one, it’s gotten me up and moving. Thanks for sharing!

welcome @rob23 . :). Everyone have down moment because that prove us that we still human being

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