Sorteo Rising star, dia 4/Rising star raffle, day 4

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Hola a todos de nuevo mi progreso en Rising star va poco a poco pero con paso firme.
Ya esta el resultado del sorteo. Son 6 participantes, a todos ellos gracias por participar.
Felicidades al ganador @pixiepost


Las recompensas seran pequeñas hasta que mi cuenta crezca pero luego creceran.
2000 Starbits He añadido el premio que me otorgo @andrewmusic
Reglas :
Postear solicitando participar y recomendandoselo a un amigo

Hello everyone again, my progress in Rising star is slowly but steadily.
This is the result of the draw. There are 6 participants, thanks to all of them for participating.
Congratulations to the winner @pixiepost
The rewards will be small until my account grows but then they will grow.
2000 Starbits I have added the award given to me @andrewmusic
Rules :
Post requesting to participate and recommend it to a friend

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Congrats @pixiepost!!

Put me in for the next round please....

Tagging @elianaicgomes

Congratulations @pixiepost
Consider me in for giveaway..
Tagging @certain

Im in for the next round! Tagging @moonthumb!

Thanks for the tag.

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Congratulations to @pixiepost!

Count me in for the next round.

Tagging @successchar.
!LUV 1

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LUV command accepted!

congrats to @pixiepost

please add me in the next draw, thanks

tagging @elianaicgomes, @maddogmike

Congrats @pixiepost

I go WIn next \o/

@viniciotricolor @endrius

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I want to participate.

Tagging @mimismartypants

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thanks for the tag dude!

Your welcome.

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OMG! I never expected to win! LOL Thank you so much! :)

I will participate in the next one but want to tag @maddogmike in this one! :)

Thanks again & best of luck to everyone! 💚

congrats lady! well done!

Thanks girl! I appreciate it! Let's see you win!! :) 💚

Congrats on your win Jenn, you want me in it so nobody else can win? 😂🤣😝



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