Sorteo Rising star, dia 6 Resultado/Rising star raffle, day 6 Outcome

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Hola a todos de nuevo mi progreso en Rising star va poco a poco pero con paso firme.
Ya esta el resultado del sorteo. Son 4 participantes, a todos ellos gracias por participar.
Felicidades al ganador @moonthumb
No voy a seguir haciendo el concurso debido al escaso numero de participantes, quizas el premio es demasiado pequeño asi que volverer cuando pueda ofrecer algo mas interesante.



Hello everyone again, my progress in Rising star is slowly but steadily.
This is the result of the draw. There are 4 participants, thanks to all of them for participating.
Congratulations to the winner @moonthumb
I will not continue doing the contest due to the small number of participants, perhaps the prize is too small so I will come back when I can offer something more interesting.

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Its too bad that the number of participants dropped. I look forward to your next contest.

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That's unfortunate - thanks for the fun while it lasted though!

Thank you for the card and thank you for hosting this giveaway. I'll be sad to see it go.



@yeckingo1! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @moonthumb.

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Thank you for the pizza

My pleasure. Consider it a tip for your generosity. :)