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RE: Morning Run - Mr Consistency

in EXHAUST3 months ago

Mr Consistency .. I need to learn how to do that! Lol

Too bad my doc said I had to give up running due to my mutant status. Been a bummer as I loved distance running even if there was a price to pay later.

Stationary cardio machines bore the heck out of me but I am allowed to use say an elliptical or bike. Maybe there is VR tech that would make it less repetitive where at least I feel like I am going somewhere.

Anyways, good job staying fit. Trying to do the same but it's getting harder it seems.


Shame you can't run. I know there are fancy bikes now where you can have a screen showing you scenery. Wouldn't surprise me if there are VR version. I used to use a basic elliptical and watch TV as I did it. Have podcasts for running.

I just try to stay motivated as it must do me good.


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