A casual 9 miles (or my Longest run so far)

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I just finished a 15.156km running that lasted about 1hh:33mm:37ss !


Todays session was due to be a long run, and after a quick check via google maps last night to choose a route for todays run, I had an idea of several routes today depending on how the run went. The route I chose could have been either a 10km run, a 13.3km run or, if I was feeling energetic, a 15km run.

The weather today was better than the last few days. The snow that fell 3 days ago had turned to ice which was an accident waiting to happen. Temperatures rose overnight, and this morning I was greeted by beautiful sunshine and a bonus of all the leftover ice melting away. It turned out to be a lovely day for a run, so I laced up my trainers and headed out.

glorious sunshine!

The first part of the run was back on the new path alongside the recently built eastern Bypass, and this time I went further along it than last time. It was surprisingly busy along there, apparently lots of local 'fitness enthusiasts' (runners and cyclists) have decided that the path is a good place to train/exercise. I ran along to one of the roundabouts, and then turned round and headed back home.

This first part was approx. 10km, and I felt good and full of energy so I decided to do the full route as planned. A quick lap around the village, and then out to Waddington and back and I completed my longest run to date: 15km. The pace was erratic due to small hills (my runs are usually flat as a pancake) but overall was reasonably consistent.

A decent workout done (my fitnesspal app thinks that I have burned 1342 calories during that run, I think thats utter nonsense) and I deserved a relaxing afternoon resting. No luck today. A bowl of porridge, a quick shower, and I headed back out to do an 8 hour shift at work.

Sat here in the evening typing this up and my legs are starting to feel a little bit stiff now, it will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow morning...

My next run is scheduled for Wednesday, so I have a couple of days off to recover...


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Congratulations on your longest run so far! It is awesome to see progress and be able to run for a longer time.

!gif running

Thank you! I'm always striving to improve in whatever I'm doing, and as I haven't done much running in the last few years I'm making lots of progress.

I am feeling a bit tired today though!

!gif tired

Well then have a recovery !BEER and chill on the couch ;)

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Well done! Take some time to recover so you can keep running. The weather has been very variable, but I quite like these bright winter days even if the low sun can be a pain. I'm trying to increase my distances a bit, but time and fitness are limiting factors. Keep it up!


Cheers for the !BEER

These last few weeks I have been trying to find where my limit is, and I found it yesterday. Feeling a bit sore/stiff today. Will be taking a couple of days off, and then dial back the distance of the long run to 12k for a couple of weeks

I've found up to around 25km is my limit for now, but looking to increase that. For now I'm done in after a couple of hours. Maybe need to look at taking 'fuel' with me.

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Hey @dannewton, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

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