Castello di Madrignano - Calice al Carnoviglio (Liguria)

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26 July 2020

I just finished a 94.921km cycling that lasted about 4hh:23mm:41ss


Hello Dears!

Yesterday I decided to start a new ride. I began in the morning and biked towards Bottagna. I reached Piana a Battolla and turned to Madrignano Castello. Medium Climb, not soo much simple, about 5-6 Kilometer. I stopped in the little center and took a shot before continuing the route. I followed the road that from there continue towards Usurana, and I reached Calice al Carnoviglio. Beautiful Place, maybe the landscape more suggestive in winter or fall, when the tree leaves don't hide the town. I shortly visited the locality and took some shots that I will publish on the blog soon. In the last, I biked down towards Martinello and came back home.

90 Kilometers about / 2 Climbs / more than 900 meters in altitude

To the next ride, dears!

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This is the first activity you've shared in this distance range! Post a few more, and we'll have some historic data to compare with! Keep getting EXHAUSTED!