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RE: Morning Run - Another tadpole

in EXHAUST4 months ago

I can test this app out now. I could not before cause I did not have enough hive power. I’ll go out to run this evening. Maybe I can write on it too


What power did you need? You have plenty of HP to keep your resource credits up.

Hey @steevc how do I login my distance like you did. I finding it hard to understand the site

Go to You can manually enter the details, upload a GPS track from an app or sync to Strava. I do the last of those. You can add photos too. Comment on an @exhaust post to get help from the developer.

Ok thanks

Thanks, @steevc.

I'm around here and there. But yes -- commenting on any of the daily @exhaust newsletter posts is a good way to ping me. There are numerous @exhaust mentions on other posts, so I don't check for mentions often.

I try to scroll through the daily newsletters and see if anyone needs help.

I should definitely get around to finishing the updated version of the site. I understand that you're finding the website confusing. It's definitely an 'alpha' version / proof-of-concept, and not very refined.