there and back [Exhaust Running Community Report, November 12th 2020]

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After several runs in Šiška and Rožnik hill, I was back at home this afternoon, in the Magpie's Valley. There were no hobbits, just a lot of hikers. A real promenade.

It was a short run of two kilometers there and back home. We had some family errands in the evening so I didn't have time for a longer run. Not that I wished for it. Sometimes easy is hard enough :)

Tomorrow I'll run early in the morning. I want to have the afternoon free for my family.

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Better and better

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how are you dear friend @ ervin-lemark good afternoon
It's good that you were able to exercise with the tightness that
Sometimes you had little is better than nothing
have a wonderful afternoon

Thank you very much. It was enough :)

Have a great evening.

The tour was short but you did it, as the ladies say, tomorrow will be another day :)

The ladies are always right! :)