Sunday morning 10 Miler

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Sunday morning and time for a longish run. It's cloudy at four degrees. The plan is to run by the river Sava on its right bank them cross the Sneberje bridge and run back across the fields.

A slow pace with one-minute walking breaks every fourteen minutes.

The photos below were taken during some of the walking breaks.

30 minutes, by river Sava where horse stalls and picnic pitches are.

45 minutes, muddy road near Jarše football field.

One hour, already crossed the river and running back across the fields.

One hour and a half, Brnčičeva street industrial zone in lower Črnuče.

As you see, there wasn't any search for beautiful motives on this cloudy morning. Just a photo taken while walking.

The map shows well the loop. It's great to have so many possibilities for various types of runs where you live.

The pace was slightly above 6 minutes per kilometer which was the goal. I met a running friend down on Brnčičeva and we talked for several minutes. Without this break, the net pace was 5:48.


@rthelly, remember the story of how with the walking breaks you never cross the exhaustion line. OK, this run was too slow to really cross it yet it shows the principle ...

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Proof of Run on Strava

This run on Strava | Strava profile

All the physical activity data that I display in my @exhaust and @actifit reports is gathered with the help of Coros Pace sports watch and displayed with Coros app.

Better and better


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Bravo, dober tek in dobra razdalja.


Počasi se daleč pride :)

Lepo nedeljo.

I see them! I tried it today at 60 mins & 90 mins. Had a cake. Downed a gel. Made things more bearable!

Great you liked it :)

The funny thing is you don't need to be afraid to make more walking breaks at shorter periods. It really helps.

Yes, I know what experienced runners told us years ago.

"When in trouble do anything just DON'T STOP RUNNING! Don't start walking 'cause you'll never run again."

The truth was that they were constantly running in the red and burned themselves in the process.