Fellow Exhaust Members, Use the #sportstalk tag.

in EXHAUSTlast month (edited)

I just finished a 5.079km running that lasted about 0hh:47mm:46ss !

Windy, cloudy, had the stream path to myself, perfect.

While jogging out on the stream path I kept thinking how important it is to tag your post. I may be late to the party but this weekend I started at looking at what is the tags purpose.

If I create a post using exhaust front end, the tags #exhaust #running #fitnation is already assigned. That allows me to choose another 2, normally I just add #newzealand. Now tags to me meant I can use it to filter posts I would like to read, ie display in a list running only posts.

Now here is the kicker I just discovered, some tags can reward the author tokens via curating(up voting). I use @opochtli to do 99.9% of my manual curating with no posting/feedback. So why would anyone follow that account.

My most staked token for @opochtli on the HIVE ENGINE is #sportstalk SPORTS (2million+). Now when I upvote a post using peakD is see the reward from opochtli of 0.002 (based on my HP). If I then head over to sportstalksocial and look at the rewards for the same post.

I send them 550.552 SPORTS tokens (this concept applies to other tags as well)

  • with every post comes experience, as we all strive to do better.
  • curate/up vote, let's encourage and inspire each other.
  • as always, thank you for viewing my post.

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
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I have about 700 K sports token but never use. In my alt account 😄

Until now, I've discovered how important staking tokens are. I just stick to normal voting in peakD. Any tokens I have staked are rewarded to authors as long as they use the approriate tag without any more input from me. I went through and staked all tokens for communities I support ie FOODIE BUILD-IT PALNET NEOXIAN BILPCOIN. This just blows my mind ....

All this would only work if you don't mind curating ...

700K nice, I didn't know what to do with 2mill hahaha, now I want to double it just to see how much more I can give in the curation process!

You can earn a good curation reward just by curating content on SportsTalkSocial, @anggreklestari. Now the curation curve is linear, so you don't need to rush in order to maximize the curation rewards.

Only by using the specific tag, your post can earn more tokens. Glad to see you focus on using tags and curating content on #sportstalk.