Cool Morning Ride.

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I just finished a 12.823km cycling that lasted about 1hh:10mm:30ss !

Rest Area

This ride was cut short, the bike was feeling sluggish on the 2nd hill climb so stopped at the new rest area and sure enough, the air in the rear tired was low. On assessment just a top-up with the hand pump should be enough to get me home. Also good opportunity to take some pics.

Strava Map


CID: QmNZCuYuwQHwUahdHbcT1NYkTFgt3Y1ih4zvDQXhD2voSc
New Rest Area, Wainuiomata Summit Hill

CID: QmVT89gC6WYCWUgxbPS8TkB6FQoL63TEmWhuuaPjtBcz4N
New Rest Area, Wainuiomata Summit Hill

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That looks like a nice place to ride. Certainly a good reason to stop and take some pictures. Did the tire have a puncture in it?

It was from a repair I did last week which didn't hold. As I haven't had this bike for long, without knowing the bikes overall condition, I ended up replacing both tubes. For the price of $10NZ/tube it's cheap and I feel a lot more confident on it.