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RE: State of Exhaustion - September 30, 2020

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Hey! Sorry to ask questions again but I'm still having issues importing my workouts from MapMyFitness. The previous workaround (import TCX in strava, and sync strava account) does not work anymore, even though I imported a couple new TCX files in Strava, Exhaust tells me "No new activities found in your Strava!". I tried reconnecting Strava, no luck. Surprisingly, one of my TCX (hiking) could import directly in Exhaust, but others (running) still just throw this 'Server Error (500)". BTW, it still creates an activity that I cannot delete because i only get to the same 'Server Error (500)' screen if I click on it in my activity list. Last resort, from an imported TCX in Strava, I can export a GPX file than can be read in Exhaust but distance is slightly off (I think it's route distance vs actual moving distance). So, anyways, still not straight forward to get from MMF to Exhaust...


I'll look into it tonight, I hope!

Been very very busy at my day-job and haven't had time -- but my evening is looking clear. Stay tuned.

Great, thanks a lot for checking into this. Of course, the direct API tool for MMF would be perfect, but like you said, I am not sure Under Armour is too open with it. Anyways, thanks again, and great work in general with Exhaust.

No problem. FYI -- I've gotten a (very confusing) email back from UnderArmour w/ an API key. I'll start tinkering soon.

Please be patient though -- as my day-job is still super busy, and I may not find a lot of time to play around. Additionally, I still have to make a MMF account so I can test. It may be a while.


As a very quick update -- I just applied for an API key for MapMyFitness -- I'd be surprised if they approve it, but we'll see. If they do, I should be able to build a quick API sync tool for MMF similar to what is available for Strava.

That said -- Strava is very friendly with their API access, and I believe MMF (owned by UnderArmour) is a bit more strict.