Short and faster Evening Run, as planned!

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 5.568km running that lasted about 0hh:24mm:18ss !


I'm the first one surprised: I did follow the plan I laid down yesterday, well running-wise anyways. So, after a walk with the dogs to warm up, I ran a little bit over 5km at around 7:01 min/mile pace. I aim to eventually be closer to a 6:30 pace for such short distance, but with the 15km yesterday, and my current form, I'm fine with today's run. Legs were definitely heavy and sore from yesterday. For once, I stretched for a couple minutes before starting, because I wanted to try and start full speed. I think that helped a bit, but tomorrow will probably be worse.

I stayed the whole time on the asphalt this time, also because I didn't want to slow down as I often do in the forest. Streets were empty as usual, except for cars of course, and a few deer. They didn't stick around like yesterday and fled as soon as I got closer.

Because it's been better, I haven't iced my knee in a while, and because my knee brace kind of burnt my skin yesterday, I didn't wear it today. Well, possibly a mistake because now I can feel something is not exactly right. I will definitely ice it tonight, and tomorrow.

Talking about tomorrow, I probably should rest, and that's the current plan. But with rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, it's possible I will switch it up and go for a recovery run tomorrow: short like today but much slower, even if I'm not really good at forcing myself to a slower pace.

Till then, keep Exhausting!

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