Morning Run

in EXHAUST2 months ago (edited)

I just finished a 9.256km running that lasted about 0hh:42mm:34ss !


Running strong and not sure if it's because I was on holiday last week or some of my strength work is finally working. It was my run to the office today as I had a meeting to be at all morning. The morning was a little wet under foot and threatened to rain but made it to work all dry.

It surprisingly fast and was running strong. I hope it's not just a one off.

Stay Strong Everyone.
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a combination of both, resting+training is the best

Yeah, I am slowly learning.

Well done. Running to the office is a great way to start the day, but I've not been to my office in a long time and it's a bit further. When I do go back I may try cycling more often.


Yeah it is a great way to get your run done and out of the way early.


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