Long ride home - Nosedive

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I just finished a 21.555km cycling that lasted about 1hh:7mm:20ss !


This ride was significant as it was my last in the current workplace. Do not worry, I am still employed. It was distinctly windy as I set off after handing in my badge and looking like it would be against me for some of the ride.

I have done this ride many times, so it all feels very familiar. There were not many cyclists out, but that is okay as it means I do not have to avoid them. Not too many walkers either, but then most would come out later. I still find long rides hard work, but kept up a reasonable pace and enjoyed the downhill stretches.

It went wrong about half way. I took a diversion down an alley behind some garages to avoid potential clashes with people on the main path. There were lots of overhanging branches hitting me in the face and these distracted me from a sack of rubbish. My front wheel went over it, but then I came to a sudden halt. I went over the handlebars and landed on my palms on the tarmac. It is not actually too bad and if I had been wearing my cycling gloves (wherever they are) I might have avoided these grazes. I may also have a bruise where my leg hit the bars. The bike seems okay. I was wearing a helmet, but I did not hit my head anyway.

When I was happy I was okay I got back on to carry on. These things happen and it could have been worse.

I took it a little steadier on the rest of the ride and made it home without further incident.

I will be out running again soon. Never fear!

Ride free and stay well.


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Damn, what an annoying thing to happen. Good to hear you are in the saddle again though. I haven't had any accidents in many years, but some clown opened a car door into the bike path so my wife fell. It's about 7 month and her arm is still hurting. Our doctor said it would take up to a year for the muscle tissue to grow together properly.

It only takes one moment of carelessness to cause a lasting injury. I was lucky really. Hope your wife recovers well and soon.

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Oh wow, that is horrible. I am glad you weren't hurt too bad though. It is a good thing you were down an alley. It probably would have been even worse if a bunch of people had seen you. Wounds from that would probably be more than the physical!

Someone may have seen me, but I got up pretty quickly. Very little of my route is on roads.

Was just talking to a friend and she was sending me videos like this. I would not dare ride those routes.

Yeah, these people are nuts!

This was hard to watch but the last guy made me laugh though.. He was like “oh my God” 😂😂

I know I shouldn't be laughing, just couldn't help it.

Yike!!!! Glad it's just a little scratch, I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle! Take care

I was expecting to come off some time, but this was not so bad. It is easy to think you are immortal :) I will be more careful in future.

Sorry to hear about your spill but I'm glad you're okay! The last accident I had was mountain biking a few years ago. I was catapulted over the handle bars, not fun at my age.

I've not come off a bike in a very long time. I have done okay for the amount I have ridden, but I try to avoid silly risks.

Oh careful, not good to fall off cycles at our age. I feel it a lot more now than years ago when I was made of rubber.

I am conscious of my age and that it takes me longer to heal these days. But life is for living.

Rad!! When you go by bike every day everything’s turn extreme hah . Stay safe!

I have been generally lucky apart from this. I learnt to be more careful and that gloves can save your skin.

Pheewwww! Thank God the bike was okay..


:) Only my pride was really damaged. Someone may have seen me go down, but I may never see them again, so what does it matter?

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Do take care of yourself and I hope the bruises heal quickly.

I find I do heal slower now, but I bear the scars proudly!

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Well as long as you do heal, you good to go.

Hello friend, those things happen, put ice and rest from running for a few days. I have fallen running and hit my head, knees and hands, that is, quite a mess, but we have all fallen sometime. Exercising in your pool will do you good.
Greetings and happy weekend.

I've had falls when running too. It heals eventually and won't stop me.

Glad you survived the altercation with the ground. I have never enjoyed that.

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1 hour plus cycling and almost 22 km is a great number. This reveals your fitness. Source of motivation for people like me. Nice learning that it is important to wear safety items to make yourself during accident