Lockdown half for June

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I just finished a 25.633km running that lasted about 2hh:30mm:28ss !


Last month I was due to run the Greenway Challenge half marathon that was inevitably cancelled. I decided to run that distance anyway and did two laps of a course near home. I thought I could make this a monthly thing and so this is the June #lockdownhalf.

This time I thought I would do the Greenway course, but as it is several kilometres to the nearest parts I compromised by missing out a segment. Unlike my normal Sunday routine I had breakfast first as I thought I would need the fuel. I did not take anything with me, but maybe a water bottle would be a good idea if it were warmer.

I started by running through Stotfold to get to Radwell Meadows. That bypasses the steepest hill on the Greenway. The meadows is a nice stretch through a tree 'tunnel'. Then it is the first of a couple of parts that follow the A1(M) motorway. There are enough bushes in the way to reduce the noise a little. There is a brief diversion through the industrial estate (with a hill climb) to cross the railway.

There were quite a lot of people out, including lots of runners. Generally there is enough room to pass with plenty of room. At around half way I reached Willian Arboretum where there is the large carving of a man coming out of an acorn. I took my little action camera to get some pictures.

On the edge of Hitchin there is a long hill that I was dreading a little, but I maintained a reasonable pace up it this time. My legs must be getting stronger. Round the west side of Letchworth there are some more slopes to negotiate, but they were not too bad.

I crossed the railway again via the caged-in bridge and then it was a matter of following the road back to Fairfield. I bypassed Standalone Farm to reduce the total distance as I was going to exceed the half marathon by a fair bit. That road does seem to go on a long way and my legs were tiring. My feet were a little sore too. My On shoes are not the most cushioned and it can be annoying when they keep picking up stones in the tread.

The last few kilometres were hard work, but I kept jogging until I reached the Arlesey community centre and stopped the watch there before walking home.

I ended up doing a little over two hours for the half, but am happy enough with that. This is my longest ever run. I expect my legs will be feeling it for a couple of days, but I hope to run again soon.

Run free and stay well.



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Not expecting too many this long :)

Excellent effort!

I was pretty pleased, and seem to be recovering. May pay for it tomorrow. I know you were looking to do some halfs, but you need to get over your injury.

Brilliant run. Well done.
Make sure you rest properly too ;-)

This is a great achievement, congrats! Keep on pushing towards full marathon :)


25km at a less than 6min per km avg split pace? You are a legend bro! Great job

It was not my best time for a half, but that's okay. I want to build my endurance so I can go for more long runs. Already thinking about a route for next month.

Good job, and nice pace!

Holy cow, I was pretty happy with my two miles this morning that I walked. You are so next level! What is up with all of the downvotes? This post got hammered with is pure BS if you ask me.

I have been building up to this for some time. Just have to push myself a bit further now and then. I still want to do a marathon, but not quite there yet.

A certain spammer has a grudge against me and controls a mass of plankton accounts. It doesn't bother me much.

I know you have been downvoted in the past, but it is usually just one or two. I was shocked when I saw 49!

It's just a swarm of bot accounts. Only the big one has any impact.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER

You have done some real work right there ...

I expect my legs will be feeling it for a couple of days, but I hope to run again soon.

Yeah.. but its all for the best.

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