Morning Run - 30, 20, 10, phew

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I just finished a 5.75km running that lasted about 0hh:32mm:7ss !


As I switched my Garmin watch into running mode it said it needed an update that would only take a minute. I decided to risk it and it did not actually take very long. It was quite a nice morning. We had some rain over the last couple of days, but things are drying out. As usual there were a few kids around on their way to school, so I tried to avoid them. I was doing the 30, 20, 10 workout where you go faster as the intervals get shorter. Those are pretty obvious on the pace plot. On the last set I did clearly get slower, but I was tiring by then.

Any sort of intervals tend to take it out of me, but then they are meant to get you working hard. The variation in effort makes the heart have to adapt. I think I go a bit quicker on the fastest ones than I used to.

I did two laps of Church End, which made it up to about the right distance in total. I did divert off a bit at times to extend it. Just have to watch out for cars as I cross the various roads. My bone conduction headphones at least give me more awareness of my surroundings than if there was something jammed in my ears. I am very happy with them.

With my breakfast after the run I had some raspberries from the garden. We are getting a late extra crop despite the plants starting to lose leaves. It has been a good harvest overall this year. When they are totally finished I will cut the canes back to the ground. They keep springing back each year.

Run free and stay well!
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Don't you hate it when updates take forever. I have learned to always check the computers we use for presentations now. Too many times we had someone waiting to do a presentation and the computer that is hooked up to the projector was stuck updating!

It was a risk, but they were right about the time it would take. We had issues with Windows 7 updates at work that would sit their forever. Eventually worked out that rebooting didn't do any harm. I've learned to only do updates when I know I won't need the PC for a while, although on Linux they are less disruptive.

Yes, that is true. The updates on my Ubuntu box are pretty painless.

Good one..

Really good for the body

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