Morning Run - Frosty 10-miler

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I just finished a 16.493km running that lasted about 1hh:35mm:14ss !


It was distinctly frosty out there. Strava says it feels like -6C, so I needed my gloves, but still in shorts. I wanted to do a longer run as part of my effort to increase my endurance. I did the usual start up to Fairfield, but then headed out on the road before picking up the Greenway at Standalone Farm. What can be a muddy track there was frozen. There was sheet ice in places where water had run across the path, so I was cautious. I followed the road through Letchworth towards Norton with a diversion around a back road that the local 10k uses. After Norton I got back on the Greeway through Radwell Meadows. That was a little muddy in places, but not too bad.

In Stotfold I also diverted to increase the distance. I saw a lot of runners out there today. The underpass back to Arlesey has been flooded for about a week, so I had to take my chances crossing the bypass. It was not too busy anyway.

I managed to make up the distance to be over 16km and I am happy enough with the pace. It was a bit slow at times, but given the conditions that does not worry me. I felt okay at the end of it and could have gone further.

An hour after my run it is snowing well, so I am happy I was not out in that. This is our first snow of the winter and may not amount to much. My sister is up in Edinburgh and they have lots. I do not want it to stop me running. This run took me over 100km for the year, which is a good start.

I hope it is good wherever you are.

Run free and stay well.
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Congrats on a ten-miler. Did you wear shorts only? :)


I had shorts and a long sleeve top that is quite warm. I didn't feel the cold too much. I see people out in hats and multiple layers, but I overheat if I wear too much.


You are good :)

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I've only been out in sub-zero temperatures twice this year ... probably in the last 8 years 😂 Assuming I keep the running up I think I'll invest in some new gloves. I have some cheap woolly ones I got free with a magazine some years ago and I think the stitching is a little loose. My hands have been freezing!

I have some thin running gloves that are generally enough to keep the chill off. Sometimes I have to take them off once I warm up, but had them on for the whole run today. Can always add layers if it gets colder. When I was out doing the chickens my feet got cold in my wellies. Thermal socks could help. The other half was out all morning doing horse stuff, but she knows how to dress for the weather.


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Nice job on your run. I saw the picture of snow that you shared last night. Pretty cool! I took the weekend off from working out. My body has been really sore lately and I am not sure what is going on. It might just be the cold, but who knows. My wife started kicking around the idea of getting a treadmill yesterday, so I might actually become a bit of a runner in the future, who knows!

The snow is melting already, but it was really cold first thing today. You need to listen to your body when it needs a break, but I hope you will be back at it soon. I had a cross-trainer, but gave it up when I took to running. A treadmill could be good if it's not viable to run outside.

Take care.


We used to have one, but it broke and we never replaced it. That was a long time ago. I miss it. We have about five months out of the year that it isn't really feasible to run outside, so I would like to have it.

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I did 15km but the temperature was higher! Good run my friend!

Cheers. I don't mind the cold too much. Nice to get out there as I am at home so much lately.

Good effort.

I guess it's not snowing where you are then? That can make running treacherous!

The snow came later and has stopped now. I wonder if it will last. I think it may be melting already.

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