Morning Run - Scoot along

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I just finished a 6.953km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:50ss !


Another slightly chilly morning, but I still get by in shorts and a long sleeve top. I very rarely need long trousers when running. To avoid the crowds of kids going to the middle school I went up the hill to Fairfield. On the way up two guys came the other way on electric scooters. They both had hats and scarves over their faces. Maybe they feel the cold. Such scooters are not technically legal on public roads or paths, but I can see the appeal.

I did the usual loop around Fairfield, keeping away from the roads. It was fairly quiet out there today. My pace was nothing special, but I found some speed when going downhill. There may be some improvement in my legs. I have a 5km course that covers some of the same ground, but have not attempted a time lately. My friend Jon and his wife did it this week and were both quicker than I have ever managed, but then they are seriously into triathlon. Now their kids are back at school they can run together. I have run with both of them separately.

It is a bit of a dull day. There were a few spots of rain just now, but nothing much. Spring should be on the way with lots of flowers popping up in our garden and elsewhere.

Run free and stay well.


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Man, you can get so much done in 40 minutes! I do my 25 to 30 minute workout and I am barely scraping 1 to 2 miles according to my fitness tracker! My wife and I were looking at treadmills the other day but we decided to hold off.

I need to pack in what I can before work. 4 miles or so seems a good workout. I don't really have room for a treadmill unless it could fold up. I had an elliptical trainer before I started running that stood in the corner of the study. Advantage was I could watch TV as I exercised. These days I enjoy getting out, but I know your weather is less conducive to that.


Yeah, we are getting to the point where we can be out and about though. We had an elliptical at our old house, but didn't really enjoy it the way we did our treadmill that died.

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