Morning Run - Not parkrun

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I just finished a 8.003km running that lasted about 0hh:44mm:51ss !


It has been a while since I attempted a full 5km at 'race pace'. parkrun may restart in a few months, so I need to get back up to speed. I have a couple of routes for this distance, both with some warm-up built in. This time I did the fairly flat course along the cycle path to Stotfold. That only has one road to cross which should be quiet on a Saturday as it only leads to a new school.

After a lot of rain yesterday it was bright this morning, but cold and with a little wind. The start for the 5km is at the pedestrian crossing as you leave Arlesey at the north end. At Stotfold you then go all the way along Vaughn road before turning back. I actually needed to add a little at the far end to get the exact half distance according to my Garmin watch.

On the warmup my legs felt awkward as they have lately, but they improved a little as I reached the start. Then I just went for it as best I could, but without checking on my pace. The uphill slope out of the underpass was hard work and then it is pretty flat. On the way back I had a bit of a headwind and was feeling tired. When I could see the finish I gave it all I ha.d left.

I have run this route a few times, but this was the slowest so far. Given I have not done that sort of run in a while I do not feel too bad about that. I have been doing three runs each week, but may add this as a weekly Saturday run to work on my speed.

Run free and stay well.
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Your consistency is highly encouraging. But what keeps you going? It's not so easy to just maintain this consistency. I have followed you up for months and you have maintained this level of energy. I really need to know

I do this in part to stay healthy. I spend so much of my life sitting at a computer for work and leisure. I need to get outside and do something. I quite like exploring my local area too. I do actually enjoy the running, even if it is hard at times. It also gives me time to catch up on podcasts. The other runners on Hive inspire me. Some run a lot more than I do, but we are not really competing.

In life you have to find the things that keep you going and make life worth living. Running, music and socialising on Hive are some of mine, in addition to family life of course.


Nice, I just got informed that you delegated 10hp to one of my recruits. I appreciate you sir

No problem. I saw he had zero HP. Don't want newbies struggling to be active.

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You haven't lost too much speed given that you've been focussing on longer runs.

Time for a few more 30-20-10s in optimistic readiness for the Park Run - I miss those!

I have been doing those, but not so many longer sprints. I'm determined to log a parkrun time under 25 minutes. I have managed that on my own runs and running in a crowd tends to give me extra pace.

You'll do it I'm sure - I've always been surprised how much 'racing' can improve your pace! The only problem is you do feel it after!

Wow very nice @steevc. Keep it up. I think I might take this cue and resume my own run routine. Tho being a medical student it going to be a hassle but I really need to do it cause I’m quickly gaining weight and loosing shape. I usually run a 5km distance from my dormitory in school to through university of port harcourt and then out to the main road called alakahia leading to choba road then o pass through the main school entrance and head back to my hostel. I make this run in 30mins. But it’s been a while I did this and it might take me a longer time to cover this distance. I’ll make a post about it when I do.

Have a look at the @exhaust dapp to log your running. I only started running in my late 40s, but have grown to enjoy it. I want to keep in shape if I can.

How do I do that?

You can log in at with Keychain. If you log your runs with Strava there is an option sync them to Exhaust. Or you can upload a GPS trace from other apps. Then you just create a post.

Oh, sorry, I read your other post before I looked at this one! Nice job on your run!