Morning Run - Frosties are grrrrreat

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I just finished a 6.949km running that lasted about 0hh:41mm:40ss !


It was really frosty this morning, but I got out there in my shorts. The legs were not feeling great, but I set off for a loop of Fairfield. I have been continuing my attack on the ivy in the evenings, so my arms have had a good workout.

The long climb up West Drive does not get easier. I opted to go clockwise around the estate this time. I noticed the other day that the old chapel was being worked on. This has been abandoned since the hospital closed,. but I read that it is being converted to apartments.

The road on the other side was busy, but I think they have roadworks with temporary traffic lights. Lots of people were on their way to work.

I quite often see my friend Jon B out walking his dog and saw him today. He was doing a life video on Facebook for his friends and I was captured as I went past. It was a rare chance to include a picture of me running. Jon does life coaching and fire walking, so is always trying to inspire people. His Labrador sprinted past me as Jon's wife was up ahead. The dog looked like it might jump up at me, but held back. I do not generally have many issues with dogs.

I tottered back down the hill on tired legs. I saw other friend Jon G going home after dropping his kids at school. I contacted him later to talk running as he is a triathlete. He suggests that I may need to rest my legs for a while with some stretching and maybe hot baths. Much as I like to keep my distance up it may be worth trying as I just do not seem to be recovering properly. Jon said he would look at organising some group runs soon.

So I will skip my usual Sunday run. I may try some cycling instead.

Run free and stay well.


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Damn shorts in this weather I could never!

I seem to be able to run in shorts all year. I soon warm up and don't feel the cold.

I'm not that hardcore. There's some ladies who swim in the river here when it's freezing out. I don't fancy that.

ahahaha I know right some people are just born for it, I don't feel the cold as most people do but I couldn't do that

Nice job on the run! We have some ivy that we are going to be trying to get rid of this weekend too. We just bought a total gym and had it delivered the other day so probably this weekend I will try to set that up. I am really looking forward to working on some strength training versus just the cardio and aerobics I have been doing.

We actually planted this ivy about 20 years ago to grow up a trellis, so parts of it are pretty thick. I had just let it get out of control.

Will be interested to see your gym. I've tended to do mostly aerobic exercise, but may need to look at other types.

They say as you get older you need to build muscle to lose weight. It is more effective that doing cardio and aerobics. I know you don't exercise to lose weight, but for us I am hoping it helps.

Well I partly do it to keep the weight off, or at least the fat aspect. I don't mind more muscle. Those muscles may just be slower to recover now.

For sure!

I want to see you clearly.

There are plenty of other pictures and videos of me. I don't stop to take pictures when I am out running.

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