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I just finished a 6.91km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:59ss !


The weather continues to keep changing, but this morning was sunny, if cold. It was quiet again as I headed up to Fairfield. This time I did the anti-clockwise loop. Whichever way you go there are hills to climb.

Strava shows a lot of variation in pace, but I was not consciously slowing down or speeding up really. Some of the dips could be where I was crossing roads, but others are just where I was going uphill.

The overall pace was very close to Tuesday's.

It has stayed bright all day without getting very warm. We have just been up the road to vote. Around here it is just for police commissioner, but there is a vote for a new London mayor and at least one MP plus local councillors. They were only allowing one person in at a time and there was a short queue behind us.

Run free and stay well.
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Mr Consistency .. I need to learn how to do that! Lol

Too bad my doc said I had to give up running due to my mutant status. Been a bummer as I loved distance running even if there was a price to pay later.

Stationary cardio machines bore the heck out of me but I am allowed to use say an elliptical or bike. Maybe there is VR tech that would make it less repetitive where at least I feel like I am going somewhere.

Anyways, good job staying fit. Trying to do the same but it's getting harder it seems.

Shame you can't run. I know there are fancy bikes now where you can have a screen showing you scenery. Wouldn't surprise me if there are VR version. I used to use a basic elliptical and watch TV as I did it. Have podcasts for running.

I just try to stay motivated as it must do me good.


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Good run man nothing more important than the health

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Nice job on your run. It was sunny this morning here as well. Raining now.

6.91km under 40 mins is really good run.
True, the dips must be when you were crossing the roads.
Days are supposed to be bright now but weather had changed now days and it's a bit cold.
Hope this will be back to normal soon.
!LUV 5

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great, have you been through this before? or was it your first time?

Through what? I run this route a lot.

I'm going to follow you, so I don't miss any of your content.

Very nice title and it really depicts your person... Keep running and keep being healthy

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